Day 10 Monday, 22 October 2018

So, last night was a bit of an adventure. We finally found the Telstra Air hotspot and parked within range. Russ opened his computer and then had to remember how to navigate to all the places for the blog and then the photo content but needed to find all his passwords first.

To cut a very long time down to the main points – we were there until almost nine o’clock. By that time, we had decided to have fish and chips for tea, but being Bright and not yet in the full swing of the summer visitor season, nothing was open. In fact, the fish and chip shop only opens for a few hours three days a week and Monday was not one of them.

Also, it was almost time for the Chinese restaurant to close so we decided not to bother them at that late hour.

Woolworths was open (not the deli, of course) and I was able to get milk and bread. Then we headed back to the van and had scrambled eggs – another adventure as I tried to use the convection cooker and it was not co-operating. Therefore, I had to resort to the microwave and watch the cooking process very closely. Of Course, the toaster caused the fire alarm to go off every time the cooked pieces popped up, so the rest of the van inhabitants around us were probably cursing.

Needless to say, the blog did get up onto the website eventually, and the photos up to Google, but we need to do the next step later today.

We had a leisurely morning and got on our way to Yakandandah about 10:30am. We turned off the main road at Ovens and went along the Happy Valley Road. Some beautiful scenery along the way, and we finally found a car park at the IGA before we locked up, took my camera with us and then strolled around the main street area.

There was a magnificent sculpture of an Oak Leaf in front of the museum. I forget what it was commemorating, but the oak leaf had been chosen by the artist because the pattern represented the hills and valleys of the region. It was impressive.

We decided to forgo rolls for lunch and went to the local bakery. Russ had a shepherd’s pie, and I had a chicken pie (lovely, and no veggies). We shared a truly mouth-watering beesting before heading back to the car and touring the area. Along the way to the car I found an open Op shop and bought a top, ear-rings and necklace for a princely sum of $4.

We came back to Bright along the Myrtleford-Yackandandah Road and there were many lovely scenes, but never a place you could pull over safely to take a photo.

By the time we got back to the van it was time for Russ to do his meditation, and I had photos to download. We then went down to the Telstra Air hotspot, much earlier today, and the rest of the photos were linked to the blog. Thank you for all your lovely comments. We are glad to share and happy you enjoyed them.

We decided to have Chinese on the way back to the van as we have a longish day tomorrow and can retire in better time.

I should mention here that Bright is fairly small and exists mainly on tourism at different times of the year. The NRMA Bright Caravan Park where we are staying, as a result of winning a Travel Auction, is huge and has over 500 sites. During the summer months they are packed out.

The facilities are very good, it is within walking distance of the town centre, there are playing areas for kids including mini golf, and it has a heated pool. It is also pet friendly as long s you are a responsible owner and keep your dogs on a leash or within a caged area.

Each of the powered sites has a permanent matting, which is pressure cleaned by staff between usage. The one down turn to all of this is that the slack season costs $47.00 per night, and I didn’t even ask about prime time.

Our auction win meant that we only paid $27.00 per night, but Russ had slightly miscalculated our days, and I needed to ask if we could extend by one night so that we could do our trip to Melbourne to see our Financial Advisor. The lady at Reception was very kind and gave me the extra night at pension rates – $40.00 for the night.

The park is filling up and most of them are setting up around our area. Most are very conscious of other campers and turn in about 10 at night. It got very busy over the weekend with campers and unit dwellers arriving on Friday and leaving on Sunday – kids and bikes everywhere.