Day 100 – Friday 11 June 2021

Russ and I slept exceptionally well and woke up around 9:30am. Learmonth has turned on very fine weather for our first full day back in Victoria. It is very difficult to get back into the swing of wearing a mask. The check in at each business place is not a hassle as we have been doing that all the time we were in Tassie. They have not become too complacent even though there has not been a case over there for six months. 

This will be the last entry into the diary/blog as we once again embrace our everyday mode. The magpies have been corralling since we arrived, and it is wonderful to listen to them. I even had a possum wander over to my feet to say hello as I was bringing back the washing from the dryer. 

We will print this out and send it off and look forward to catching up with people when we get home. 

Up to this point and before the stats I can tell you I have written 102 pages in the diary and the total number of words is 55536. 

Total distance travelled: 

Mildura to Mildura 10,553 kilometres (including the kilometres across Bass Strait- 448 each way) 

Within Tasmania 8363 kilometres 

Adventuring  6259 kilometres (without van) 

Highest Altitude 837 metres 

Longest Distance 228 kilometres while adventuring 

Longest Towing  290 kilometres from Turner’s Beach to New Norfolk 

Most Difficult Trip Ross to Knopwood Hill (nightmares) 

Average Fuel Cost $1.413 per litre 

Average economy 11.98 litres per 100 kilometres 

Total Photos Taken 15,238 

Total Photos 1,136 (Uploaded to Website) 

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