Day 123 – Saturday, 24 September 2022

My eye is magnificent – not! It is sore and I have swelling, all the way down over my cheek bone. I may have to visit the hospital at Dongara tomorrow to get some antibiotics. It is a super long weekend here in WA as Monday will be the public holiday for the Kings’ birthday, (doesn’t that sound odd?) and so the Health Clinic in Mingenew will not be open again until Tuesday.

We had planned on heading out for another excursion today, but the weather decided it was time to rain and become cold. Instead of travel, I have taken the opportunity of cooking some casseroles for future use, and of applying hot compresses on my eye in an effort to reduce the swelling.

We wished Brett and Janelle all the best for their team’s appearance in the Grand Final today. And it wasn’t until we were halfway through the first quarter listening to the game on the radio that I realised it would be on Free-to-Air TV. Russ got the telly out and set it up, so I was able to watch the rest of the match. I can’t believe Hawthorn traded Isaac Smith. He has been a great player for Geelong, and helped the team beat Sydney Swans.

By the time the game was completed here the sun had decided it was time to shine. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a much nicer day.