Day 125 – Monday, 26 September 2022

We had a leisurely rise and shine today. All of our neighbours on one side of us have packed up and left leaving only two other camping pair on the other side of our van, so now there are only three groups of us enjoying the trees.

My eye has definitely improved but I will keep the hot compresses going until all the swelling has disappeared.

This morning we picked up the ground sheet and moved it upside down into the sunshine to dry before folding it and packing it away once more. We also packed away the awning after cleaning the leaves and nuts from its surface.

The chairs, table and camp stove were also packed up and placed in the back of the vehicle after Russ spent some time blowing all the accumulated dust from inside the canopy before re-placing items

carefully for travel. So then, we also finished the housekeeping inside the caravan ready to move onto Carnamah tomorrow for a fortnight.

After lunch we took a look at the schedule and have designated the areas of interest we most want to see on this trip as a priority so there will be a large chunk of the southwestern corner we will not see this trip. It just means we have to come across another time and concentrate on that part, such a hardship!

Once we had a plan firmly in mind I was able to ring ahead and make site bookings for us into the middle of November.

Russ is having some minor problems with his computer reading the SD cards from the camera and tablet so he has taken the time to research for his new computer which will be his Christmas present.

I concentrated on identifying the flower photos we took yesterday and will then re-size them ready to put up onto the website.

We have a bird outside the caravan in the trees, type unknow as we can’t get a glimpse of it at all, but its calling sign sounds like the old Scouts “Dib, dib, dib” without the “dob, dob, dob”.

Although a holiday in WA today the IGA was open for business, so we grabbed some more water while down the street.