Day 14 Friday, 26 October 2018

We were fed, watered and packed up with time to spare and our trip to Benalla was uneventful. Mum had rolls and filling ready for us when we arrived just before lunch.

It took about twenty minutes before Tobias, mum’s cat, was happy that he had greeted us properly. He is a beautiful fluffy black and white character, who is actually a bit of a woos.

It was decided that we would go out to the Golf Club for tea, and Russ went out to recuperate from the trip to Melbourne yesterday.

Mum and I settled in and had a cosy afternoon. I was able to show here the best of the photos we had taken, and she repeated that she always new the North East was the prettiest section of Victoria.

Mum also told me that Human nature is touring Australia next April and May, and that Jersey Boys was coming back for another run in Melbourne during March.  I would love to go and see the stage show, so time will tell.

Tea at the Golf Club was very nice, and it was surprising how early on a Friday evening that people started arriving for a meal. There were only seven Roast Beefs left when we got to give our order, so Russ was lucky. Mum and I had Chicken Scalopine which was very tender.

They had run out of stick-date pudding, so Russ had to have apple crumble for sweets. Mum had Chocolate Mousse and I had Passionfruit Cheesecake.