Day 15 – Tuesday, 12 February 2019

The gale force winds eventuated in the early hours of e morning and the rain came down in tropical downpour fashion. At least the downpours only last for about 15 to 20 minutes and then let up for a while. The same cannot be said about the wind. At 5am this morning Russ and I were up and taking down the awning and privacy screen. We were wondering if the van might not end up in Lake Fellmongery the gusts were so forceful.

After the disturbed night we both decided to rise later than usual, and the lazy day was a great plan. The wind is very cold, so it is time to don a singlet and put the extra blanket on the bed.

While Russ did a lot of reading, I ended up doing a couple of loads of washing. During a dry spell I ventured up to the laundry with the washed clothes via the caravan park office to get some change for the dryer.

I also told Julie that the lights had been left on in Villa 12. She thanked me for the advice and said she had come across in the night to supply more blankets to one of the cabins and had seen the light herself so had asked Tom, her son, to visit the villa and turn them off.

We went down the street and bought Chinese for tea: Russ had honey chicken and I went for roasted duck once again.