Day 17 – Thursday, 14 February 2019

This morning is overcast, but the winds are just breezy – cool, mind you, but okay with a jacket. The sun is supposed to come out later today, but time will tell.

We only packed our coffee thermoses today as we have decided to get lunch somewhere down in Robe. It turns out that Robe is much bigger than you think until you start driving around it.

We headed all the way along the main street and followed the signs to the Obelisk. This structure was erected in the 1800 and was painted white. However, the sailors said it was too difficult to see it against the limestone yellow, and so it was painted in alternate strips of red and white instead. It is now fenced off as the limestone cliffs are crumbling and it is unsafe to approach. It is expected that it will fall into the sea sooner or later.

We parked in the Old Gaol carpark and hiked up to the ocean lookout. There were lots of people doing the same thing as we were, but we were some of the few carrying cameras.

The walking track is sealed crushed rock, which makes for a firm walking surface. There are only a few places where the rock causes problems because it has become loose. We had a map of the area so were able to see where we were headed. The Blow hole was a non-event as the tides weren’t high enough for it to be operating.

Doorway Rock is fascinating. It is a dominant feature along the walk and starts out with three arches to see and then becomes closed as you venture around the point.

Commodore Lookout is just before the new and modern lighthouse further along the walking track.

Altogether we walked about ten k’s and had a few rest-stops along the way. Conveniently, they place benches along the track at the top of the inclines, and we made use of all of them.

Almost back at the car park you come across the remains of the Old Robe Gaol (old time spelling, of course). It is interesting to meander around them. There were rooms for three gaolers, but only three small cells, a huge exercise yard, a big store room and a kitchen.

We then drove past one of the big old dwellings (made out of limestone) and have decided it is privately owned as there were no signs around it all. We then went to No 4 for brunch – Russ had pancakes, maple syrup, ice cream, strawberry, blackberry, and I had a delicious egg and bacon roll.

Once we got back to the van, we put the awning back up and the privacy screen. Russ went to meditate, and I downloaded the photos while doing more washing. It was time to clean the towels.

Russ cooked steak for tea and I cooked the chips. We have concentrated on updating the blog and Russ has taken time to identify all the bird photos he has taken.