Day 18 – Friday, 15 February 2019

Today we travelled to Beachport, which is located on Rivoli Bay. We took our time travelling and looking around us as we went. We saw some emus in the paddock where we turned to go up to Woakwine Cutting, and Russ took photos of some new birds.

Woakwine Cutting is an amazing story. It was constructed in order to drain a 420-hectare peat swamp on the property of Mr Murray McCourt. It took three-years to complete and commenced in 1957. The work was carried out by Mr McCourt and his employee, Mr Dick McIntyre.

The length of the cutting is 1 kilometre, and it is 28.34 metres at its deepest point. Over 276,000 cubic metres of limestone rock and material was removed.

They worked with a D7 Caterpillar Crawler tractor, 7 Ton Drawn ripper, an 11 yard Le Tourneau scraper, a single furrow swamp plough and lots of explosives. Some of the equipment is still housed on site for viewing, and there are two viewing points of the cutting

We reached Beachport around lunch time. Russ spent quite a few minutes enthralled with the colony of tern camped on the boat breakwater. He took may photographs of them, and I took photos of one of the longest jetties I have ever seen. The water was turquoise and aquamarine and so clear it was beautiful.

There is much rugged coastline away from the town proper, and some beautiful scenery. We walked along some of the beaches and took the tourist drive, which involved some unsealed roads, which Russ loved. I didn’t let him drive on the sand!

We drove to Lake George Conservation Park and lunched with many March flies. Don’t they know it is still February????? They are whoppers!

Lake George is open to tent camping, but not caravans. However, we entered one of the camping areas that had a picnic table and bench beside it so we could enjoy the birds and the scenery. I’m sure the blue wrens see Russ coming with the telephoto lens on it ‘çause they hide behind tree branches so you can’t focus properly for the shot.

Once we had finished our photography and lunch, we had a leisurely drive home along a different route so we could see something different.

Russ did his meditation and back stretching exercises and I enjoyed some reading and game time.