Day 186 – Saturday, 26 November 2022

At 9:41am when we left the caravan park the temperature was 17 degrees and overcast. It made it up to 20 degrees but remained overcast for most of the day and didn’t feel very warm.

We stopped at several places along the way and had a late lunch at Bremer Bay way down the bottom of the FRNP on the western side.

The caravan park we saw at Bremer Bay (it has two) has lovely green grass sites and was almost full. We discovered along the way that Bremer Bay is hosting a Surf Carnaval over the weekend which would explain it.

It is one of WA’s more isolated holiday destinations, but Bremer Bay is home to some of our most breathtaking natural wonders that make the trip very worthwhile. It has a population of 270 people.

The tourist blurb goes something like this: A hotspot for majestic orcas, colourful sea life, protected white beaches and beautiful WA wildflowers, this quaint town is a nature lover’s dream, no matter the time of year.

It did have nice scenery, but we did not spend enough time there to make any further assumptions.

Once we had left the South Coast Highway and turned south to the park we only encountered two vehicles travelling in the opposite direction. One was a car and the other was a truck.

However, the wildlife was plentiful.

We saw nine emus in a paddock – that dad had done an amazing job of nurturing his chicks to almost adulthood. There were another ten emus at separate times crossing the road in front of us, two kangaroos, three wedge-tailed eagles flying overhead (but much too high for photos), three dead snakes, one (very alive with photos) red-bellied black snake, one eastern brown snake (too quick), two mallee fowls (we couldn’t believe our eyes as we have never sighted them around Hattah in all the years we have driven the area), three stumpy tailed lizards, about one hundred cabbage butterflies, and one Water Across the Road where we had to turn around and find an alternate route.

We finally arrived back in Ravensthorpe around 5:00pm which made it an exceptionally long day. In all we covered 421 kilometres. It is mind boggling to remember that in Victoria this would have taken us from Mildura to Shepparton, but here we had not even left the district.