Day 193 – Saturday, 3 December 2022

We had to race into town to do our shopping when we found out that Woolworths (and all other stores) did n ot open on Sundays in Esperance.

We also spent time in the car with our computers. It is definite that we will leave Esperance tomorrow and start on our way home. Luckily, the dump point is not far from where we get the hot spot for internet and phone coverage, so we emptied the cassette also in preparation. The stopover areas ahead do not have dump point capabilities.

It started out as a sunny day but became overcast in the afternoon. Once back at the caravan park I did the washing (nothing available ahead of us). When I took the clothes off the line later some of them were still damp, so I put up my clothesline, partially under the cover of the awning in case of rain and pegged out the clothes and towels.

We had an early night to prepare out internal clocks for the early morning alarms in our days ahead