Day 197 – Wednesday, 7 December 2022 

We were very obviously tired after yesterday’s travels. We were in bed by 9:15pm (8:30 on WA time) and sounds asleep shortly after that. In fact, the caravan park inhabitants all left, and we didn’t hear a thing. 

We decided on a lazy day of catchups. I completed typing the diary entries into the computer and Russ then printed them out ready for posting tomorrow. Eucla does not have even a post box so it will be in Penong. 

I also took the time to parboil my potatoes so I can take them across the border tomorrow. 

We re-fuelled the car in the later part of the afternoon and uploaded the latest photos to the website. Russ sent out the emails with the diary entries and we also caught up with all things electronic, emails, text messages and news reports. 

We had a chat with Trev and Ann who provided us with an update on mum and her affairs. 

The caravan’s water tanks are half full and hopefully, we will have an opportunity to top them up when we stay at Penong overnight. If not there, we will hang out for Kimba. 

Another early night is on the cards as we need an early start in the morning. We will lose time going through the border check point and then more time as we cross the border between SA and WA. 

The manager here at the park in Eucla talks very slowly and distinctly. As I paid for the fuel he told me never to drink vodka with Russians and Serbians. I looked at him enquiringly and he said many years ago he went across to France to learn about wine making. 

One evening in France he went out drinking with some Russians and Serbians and woke up enlisted in the French Foreign Legion – I kid you not. 

During his time with the Legion, he saw a lot of action, and at one point he was shot. He was starting to straighten up after picking something up from the ground and the bullet travelled from the centre of his neck up across his head – I saw the scars. 

When he recovered and left the Legion he had lost some of his vision and hearing and had to learn how to walk and talk once more. He has three screws in one leg and plates across the front of his rib area.