Day 2 – Thursday, 26 May 2022 

Upon awakening at 8:30am this morning there was much consternation in the caravan. I discovered that I neglected to pack my jeans, so I have one pair of track suit pants to my name. This will mean that there are a few more stops along the way, although I am not very confident of much success seeing as there are no big shops to check out on our route. 

As we left the park we agreed there was much more to see and we would need to return. We left at 9:45am and headed to Burra on the A32 Barrier Highway, keeping a close lookout for kangaroos. We saw several dead ones but were not bothered by live ones. 

When we arrived at Burra we parked the rig and walked along the main street to the shops to see what might be available. Imagine my horror when I discovered they only carried ‘Big Name Brands’ and the track pants start at $100 a pair, while the designer jeans begin at $160 a pair. 

Luckily the Op Shop opened just as we got to it, and I was able to source one pair of jeans in my size. The lady who runs the store was just about to put out her sign saying 20% off all items so my jeans cost me $4.25, and I grabbed some earrings as a souvenir of my terrible packing. 

I can now rotate my two pairs of pants until we get to Alice Springs and Kmart, and hopefully purchase some jeggings (fingers crossed). 

Burra is another place to explore at a later time. There are many old and magnificent buildings from early settlement days. They are in good condition and very well built. 

We pulled up at the side of the highway and spoke with Trev and Ann after we left Burra. It was not an extensive conversation as we were being buffeted by road trains and other caravans. 

There are lots of clouds around today and the lighting effect is magnificent. The cloud masses are awesome. I am almost tempted to forgo my self-imposed rule of no camera in the front while towing. 

We eventually arrived at Peterborough. It is off the highway, and we had to climb to get to the plateau. It is also another town just begging to be explored. We have had intermittent light showers along the journey, and it has now got very cold. 

After we set up the van (people took our allocated spot and we had to go to another one) we took off to Foodlands in town and grabbed some groceries. The caravan park sits atop the plateau and has some memorable views. 

Peterborough is located in the mid north of SA and is a wheat growing locality with a population of about 1,419 people. 

It was originally names Peterburg after landowner, Peter Doecke, sold land to create the town. It was renamed Peterborough in 1917 due to anti-German sentiments during World War 1. It has a number of heritage-listed sites in the town. 

Peterborough sits on the intersection of the East-West railway linking Port Pirie and broken Hill, and the North-South railway linking Adelaide to Alice Springs. 

In 1937 a more direct South-North route bypassed Peterborough by connecting Port Pirie with Port Augusta. 

The old railway line is still in operation today and was formerly a stop for the weekly Indian Pacific journey.