Day 20 – Sunday, 17 February 2019

Today we packed our lunches and headed off to Naracoorte to refuel before driving to Bool Lagoon. We have found some of the Reserves are free to visit, but camping fees apply. Just to be different, when we got to Bool Lagoon we discovered we had to purchase tickets – ONLINE, if you please.

It was just as well that there were no rangers on duty as I have no intention of ever doing banking on my phone. Needless to say, we drove through the park, did some of the walks (watching very carefully for snakes), and did not buy a ticket. It would not have been worth $10 either.

I have to say here that Robe is very cool, even when the sun is shining. If you are out of the breeze blowing, I think you could actually get hot, but the wind is the coolest wind I have ever encountered in summertime at the beach. It seems that the temperature increases by one degree on average for every ten k’s you drive further away from Robe. Today it was also very humid, so we made sure to drink plenty of water along our travels.

Russ took lots of photos of birds. He came across a few that he had not captured before, so he was pleased with the excursion. Other than the Wetland Boardwalk all the other walks are hindered by heavy layers of tall weeds which impede your view of the lake and the birds on it.

You also cannot get near enough through them to get good shots without a telephoto lens. At the end of the Wetlands Boardwalk there is a bird hide. I think if you came here after the rains (not sure when that is) and the water was higher, it would be a fascinating place to visit. I think you could also get a van in here but am not sure if they allow free camping.

As Russ took most of the photos today, I told him he could do the downloading of them all. He did his meditation, we had tea, and then he steadily downloaded the shots. I went through them and picked out what I thought were the best shots, and they are now ready to go up onto the website.

Tonight we had scrambled eggs and toast for tea – quite delish.