Day 22 – Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Yellow-Tailed Black-Cockatoo P&K 246

This morning we took things slowly. After breakfast and showers, we took the privacy screen and awning down in preparation for packing up and leaving tomorrow morning for Mundella – our first overnight stop on our way back to Mildura. I also did the last load of washing until we get home.

The day is actually sunny, and the wind is not blowing a gale, so very pleasant for Robe.

We decided to finalise our shopping and grab some cash from the ATM in order to pay for our campsites once we are again on the move, so headed to town. Whilst I did the shopping (so onerous!) Russ spent time talking to Brett and fixing his internet problems as the power went out in Mildura last night for a time and interfered with his net connection.

We then went to the Pastry Shop to grab a bite for lunch. What a ripoff. Gormet pies cost $8.90 each. Russ went for a beef, bacon and onion pie and I chose a chicken, leek and mushroom one. The pastry was thick and gluggy, and there was very little content in the pie once the lid was removed – definitely a treat to miss in future.

After we stowed away the few items purchased, and Russ had downloaded his geocache sites to the phone and GPS tracker, we headed off to do some geo-caching.

Well, that was the plan. About 15ks out of town I realised I did not have my phone with me so we had to turn around and go back for it. It was, thankfully, still sitting on the table outside the van when we got back there.

Second time around we got underway. Russ was driving and I was following the prompts on his phone. That man will do anything to get some 4WD on unsealed roads. I have to say the limestone unsealed tracks around here are in excellent condition. In fact, some of the surfaces are better than some of the proper roads.

Once we made it to the first site, in a very roundabout way (Russ did enjoy it) we came to the first of the site he hoped to get. We changed over so that I was now doing the driving (at a much slower pace) and it wasn’t long before we were back on the highway.

Altogether we made six stops and Russ collected all of them except the last one, which was in an area that had just had major road resurfacing take place, so it was probably lost sometime during the works.

I have written all this diary while Russ has completed his meditation and back stretches. I also confirmed with Yolande at Jeparit that we would be in on Thursday night, not Wednesday as originally booked. We don’t have to worry about Mundella as it is free camping and you pay as you stay.

Tonight, we will have sausages and mashed potato for tea. Russ will upload the final part of the diary to the website and we are planning on a reasonably early night. After tea we will remove and pack away the matting outside the van where the awning was to make it lighter work tomorrow morning.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time away from home and wouldn’t be worried if it was longer. However, there are things to do at home before the start of the footy season, and the next trip to plan, so lots more to look forward to in the future.