Day 26, Saturday 7 May 2016 – Torremolinos

We were rudely awakened at 7:30am with a wakeup call. It was unpleasant as we did not have to get up for anything, so we dozed until 9:00am before getting a morning cuppa. The breakfast room is open until 11:00am and there is no hurry.

My neck and back will be so happy to see Nathan when we get back home. My back has started to clench and it was difficult for me this morning. Russ tweaked his knee yesterday and it appears to be a little better this morning. He is very conscious of it.

We finally sauntered down to breakfast about 9:30am and it was still packed. It is a large hotel and used by many tourist groups, as well as regular customers from all over Europe. We bumped into Bernard and Aline, and Russ and Bernard spent a few minutes chatting while waiting for their freshly cooked omelettes.

When Russ got to our table with his food he said that one of our group couples had had to be moved from their designated room when they were flooded from the floor above. He did not know who had been affected but thought it was one of the Aussie couples.

I, on the other hand, was severely disappointed. I had the choice of corn flakes (if they had refilled the empty container) or coco pops – neither of which items I was remotely interested in eating. While Russ enthused over his omelette I munched my way through a Spanish version of corn bread and a cold, dried apple pastry. The service from the waiters, on the other hand, was excellent. They whisked dishes away from the table as soon as you had finished with it, and the hot water and coffee were still very hot so I had a small cup.

After we had finished eating we returned to our room, and I washed out Russell’s short in case he needs them later on, and then we went for a leisurely stroll up the street. The hotel is built on the beachfront area and the back is a solid rock wall. It does have a lift (50 euro cents per person) to take you up the cliff face so we made use of it for ourselves. We encountered Jack and Carolyn along the way but parted company when we got to the street.

We had a wonderful time just strolling along and window shopping. Russ pulled up a map of the area on Here Maps so we could see where we wanted to go. After a false start we finally found ourselves among people. The residential section of the place had only one or two people in view, but plenty of cars parked at the curb.

I succumbed to the buying bug and shelled out for a few more souvenirs, and convinced Russ to buy a new case for the camera equipment (as the one we are using is also past its prime and use-by date, and is cumbersome to wear for a long time).

We ordered lunch to go from the menu show book (which is how they cope with foreigners who can’t speak Spanish) and were surprised that our option was hot. They were wrapped in foil packets so I put them into my backpack and we started our way back to the hotel.

There was a beautiful statue made from marble of a white bull and a young girl holding a tiara of stars upon his back, which is supposed to represent Zeus and his abduction of Europa to Crete. The constellation of Taurus is in theory how he was to be remembered by humans.

We met up with Rex and Kath at the statue as they were taking their photos, and neither had heard about the flooding incident so we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out any more information.

When we got back to our room we ate our lovely rolls of fresh ham and cheese. They were delicious. I have spent time pounding away at the keys of the computer with both the blog and photos while Russ has done his meditation.

We will wander over to the Pizza place later in the evening after Russ has done some geo-caching and have some tea.

Tomorrow we have to have our bags out by 7:00am and we will leave for Gibraltar, and then on to Seville for the next two nights. It has been great having a two-day breather with no obligations to do anything but what we want, when we want to do so.