Day 33 – Tuesday, 26 October 2021

We set the alarm for 9:00am, but I woke up at 6:30am and managed to nap until 8:00am. We turned the heater on as it was just a tad chilly. 

We pulled up the awning and the clothesline while we waited for Tony to finish mowing the area and prepared the van to for its journey of 50 metres. 

We had finished the move by 11:00am, and the awning and clothesline were up, and the ground mat has been placed just so. The step down from the van is slightly higher than previous and I am finding myself being a bit careful, so I don’t fall down the step. 

Had another lovely chat with Margaret and Tony as we were finishing up. Tony says they are considering bringing their fifth wheeler down to this spot once we have vacated the caravan park. It is a lovely spot out of everyone’s way, and across the fence from us is the golf course. 

We had an early lunch, and I did a load of washing and got it on the line before we headed out to the Glenmona State Park for a drive and look see. 

The drive was wonderful, the track not too bumpy, but we found no new wildflowers. There were plenty of strawflowers (or golden everlastings as some people refer to them), chocolate lilies, bluebells and dianellas (flax lilies) galore, but it wasn’t until we were on the home stretch (so to speak) that we encountered a patch of hooded caladenia orchids. We have seen them before, but it was great to know the orchids are around still. 

Along the way we stopped for a quick chat with a very official looking gentleman, but the vehicle he was driving had no decals on the door. It turns out he is a wildlife officer with, as he names it, the Department of Many Name Changes – the old Department of Primary Industries. I got a bit of a laugh from that saying as it was so true when I was working at Mallee CMA. 

We stopped at IGA Express in Avoca on the way back to the van as Russ insists on spaghetti noodles when having spaghetti. Heaven forbid you should use spaghetti spirals which I have in the cupboard. I took the opportunity of getting some Boysenberry Swirl Drumsticks for a late afternoon tea, and they were delicious. 

It was a very sunny day, and the temperature reached 17 degrees, but Russ and I both said it felt much hotter than that unless you were in the breeze, which was refreshing. 

Tomorrow it is expected to reach 27 degrees so we will head towards the St Arnaud area state parks where, hopefully, it will feel a bit cooler.