Day 34 – Monday, 27 June 2022 

Happy birthday to Bruce Johnston from the Beach Boys. 

This morning is very humid and overcast. The breeze only blows occasionally so it gets a bit hot in between times. 

I made sure I wrote down all the info for my required prescriptions for when I saw Dr Asma Sumona, but I forgot to take my Medicare card. Russ comes in very handy in these situations as he has it all on his phone. Dr Asma arrived in Humpty Doo from Adelaide about five years ago and she said it was an interesting time. She is a tiny lady who speaks beautiful English. 

It was funny to have to go back to wearing a mask while in the surgery. I would hate to have to wear one during the wet season. 

I still haven’t heard back from the Caravan Association about the use of their dump point, so we headed to their camping ground anyway. The Custodian was away but had asked Martin to fill in for him for the day and he said there was no hassle to use it. Hopefully the Custodian will be of the same frame of mind. 

The camping ground has two dump points and each one has its own septic tank which are pumped out regularly. If you are a member of the CMCA a site costs you between $3 – $5 dollars a night, with a maximum stay of 14 days. Non members can also stay there but they are charged $15 a night.  

The caravan or camper must be fully self-contained, and that includes grey water tanks which can only be emptied into the dump point. 

A yearly membership cost $44 with a one-off cost for admin purposes of $17. 

When we got back to Humpty Doo Russ put the new battery into the battery box and did some maintenance on the vehicle.