Day 36 – Saturday, 11 May 2013 – Niagara Falls to Lancaster

Bags had to be out by 6:15am and we needed to be on the road by 7:15am in order to beat most of the tour coaches to the border crossing. Barb had warned us again that we could be spending a lot of time just waiting depending on the vagaries of the border crossing staff.

We headed straight to the Duty Free shop where they had our goods waiting for identification and pick up. Then we crossed the bridge and came to the border check point. We were the first coach there but had several vehicles in front of us.

Barbara explained that they were never quite sure what to expect each time they got to this point as it could vary significantly depending on the date and what events may be occurring in the area at the time. However, we set another record and had been removed from the coach and processed all within a twenty minute time frame. Both Roger and Barbara were very happy.

The weather was very overcast and fairly cool, which finally turned cold and rainy. It was good that the rain fell while we were in the coach but it made it very difficult to get any good pictures out the coach window.

We stopped for a morning break at a little place (I am not sure if we were ever told its name) and there were several shops to choose from for our morning tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Russ and I took a walk around the centre square area with our hot chocolate, then made our way back to the coach. The angels were smiling at us and it stopped raining while we had the morning tea break, and resumed shortly after the coach took to the highway once again.

We travelled southeast through the Appalachian Mountains and along a portion of the Susquehanna River into Pennsylvania Deutsch country in Lancaster County. This area is a major centre for the Amish community.  We drove directly to the Lancaster Host Resort where we were due to stay for the night. It is a fairly large complex, but is getting to show its age.

Barbara did mention that it was the best accommodation available in this part of the country. They also have a Convention Centre and two ballrooms. Being a Saturday there were two events being held in the resort. One was a wedding and the other was Prom Night for the local high school. All were dressed to the nines for their event and we got out of the coach in our everyday wear – like ducks out of the water. By this time the weather had improved somewhat which was good.

Dinner tonight was at the Hershey Farm – no Jenny, it has nothing to do with chocolates, but we did think of you. The Farm’s bakery items are the Shoofly Pie and the Whoopie Pie. We took part in a demonstration (we didn’t have to eat the final results, thank heavens, but were given samples to take with us when we left.

After the demonstration in which Russ took part with April for the Shoofly Pie, and two others did the duty for the Whoopie Pie, we went into dinner. It was a traditional family style meal and included fried chicken (not the least bit greasy), roast beef (that melted on your tongue) and ham balls (didn’t try them), along with three vege dishes (mashed potatoes with onion, beans and corn), sweet and sour relishes (I didn’t try them either!) fresh baked rolls followed by warm apple pie (which was nice but very sweet), shoofly pie (like treacle pie and also fairly sweet) and fresh vanilla ice cream. The meal was probably better than the Oh Canada Eh! Night overall, but both were okay.

There was the usual gift shop, but as most of the items were made in China they did not make many sales, and then we went back to our hotel for a good night’s sleep.