Day 36 – Wednesday, 29 June 2022 

It was very overcast and breezy this morning and the forecast was for rain which happened at the end of the day. It was so cool that long sleeves were required for most of the day and then a lightweight jacket by teatime. Bruce assures us that this is very unseasonal weather for Darwin, but tomorrow it is expected to rain fairly heavily. 

We slept in this morning as I had a restless night, so we were a bit late starting out. At 10:00am it was 26 degrees, but it felt a lot cooler. 

Our first stop of the day was at Officeworks at Stuart Park to pick up the printer that had arrived, then on to Harvey Norman where they had a special on the four-terabyte hard drive for only $118. 

After that we went to BCF where Russ picked up a new battery holder for the second battery as he does not think the present box is doing its job properly. 

We then filled up at BP ($2.35 per litre) before stopping at Chemist Warehouse to fill my scripts now that I have them. 

Finally, we finished our trip at Coles at Coolalinga before heading back to Humpty Doo, where Russ installed the printer and got it working. 

We have also discovered that an appointment must be made in order to visit the Police Association Museum so I will ring tomorrow and see when we can visit. This place has a lot of information about Russell’s cousin, Harry Cox, who was the inspiration for Joliffe’s cartoons about the Top End in the old Post magazine. 

I finished the day by concentrating on updating the diary, so it is now time to retire for the night. Tomorrow we will print out the diary and post it.