Day 42 – Friday, 17 May 2013 – San Diego 3

This is officially a rest day. We slept in until 9:00am and took a leisurely breakfast over at the Blue Pearl – French toast and Oatmeal, as usual.

We then went back to the room and put out the Privacy sign and Russ read for a while before he fell asleep. I converted many photos and put names on them from the last many days, but I still didn’t get around to doing anything on the Diary. I did take the opportunity of uploading a few photos on Facebook and letting everyone know that we would shortly have more on the website.

We wandered over to the Firefly about 2:30pm and removed the sign off our door. We both decided to try the beer battered shrimps with French fries. They are actually what we call prawns, and the entrée dish was large enough to qualify as a meal in our eyes. It was hot and delicious, and Russ had a Seven Up and I had a pot of tea. We were decidedly full by the time we had finished.

Russ had updated his geo cache information and found out that there were several caches just in the Dana area itself. We set off, me with the camera as I was sure I would find something worthy to photograph (and provide cover for Russ while he dabbled in his hunting) and Russ with the GPS loaded with waypoints.

We wandered over a fairly extensive area and took pleasure in watching the terns dive for fish along the waterfront. The area to the south lawn of the Dana is a sheltered waterway used for ski boarding, fishing and canoeing. In fact, each year San Diego hosts the University rowing carnival and teams from all over the US arrive to participate.

Russ found several caches along the way and we crossed the major road to get to the area on the other side where there are different shops and business such as whale watching and boat rentals etc. Some of the hiding places of the geo caches were quite difficult to find but we persevered. I also found many things to take photos of along the way. I called it my artistic afternoon.

Back in the room Russ did uploaded and registered his finds and received his California badge. He then did his meditation and I prepared the backpack for our second trip on the Trolley Bus tomorrow. We completed the evening with some reading and decided that tea would not be required after our late lunch, even though we had done some exercise.