Day 44 – Friday, 2nd June, 2006

Breakfast at the Radisson was no great improvement over the meal from last night. The service was very slow and the people did not put themselves out of their way to be cheerful or helpful.

Dad is very shaky this morning, and Mum has organised with Ian and Danny to be dropped off near a chemist during part of our morning tour of Belfast sites. Dad is to remain resting in their room until we make our way back to the hotel for a comfort stop about 11:00 am.

Rosemary was our guide for the tour of the city, Danny did the driving, but Ian remained at the hotel. During one of the photo stops Mum went to the chemist and got her supplies. When we got back to the hotel Dad was slightly improved, and Mum dosed him up before we all assembled at the lawn area to have our photos taken – again, and again, and again – until Rosemary, Danny and Ian had run out of cameras to use. (Apparently the photographer who was supposed to do the group photo shoot at Kilarney failed to arrive).

We then boarded the coach to make our way to the docks. We were due to appear at 11:45 am for a 12:15 pm departure. However, like the other time, the boat was running behind time and would be 20 minutes late.

Russ and I took the opportunity of taking our Dramamine tablet before the crossing, and went to purchase a can of coke and something to eat whilst we were waiting.

Once the coach was loaded we made our way upstairs to the lounge area and I spent my time catching up with entries over the last few days of the diary. Dad was looking much more chipper by this time, but Mum was making sure he didn’t rush his fence posts and be back where he had started.

It was a short two hour drive from Stanraer where the ferry docked (it was the ferry that had first started the Bass Strait crossing and had not been able to work in all weather, so was sent across here) to Glasgow. The scenery along the coastline was very pretty and more photos were taken during the journey.

We finally arrived at our last destination of the tour about 5:23 pm. Everyone is taking the coach to the airport in the morning at 8:00 am except for Lori and Sherry who leave at some disgustingly early hour of the morning like 6:30am.

At dinner Russ toasted Ian and Danny on behalf of the occupants of the coach, and many a photo was taken, many an address was exchanged, and many a tear was shed by the time dinner was finished. It is with pleasure I remark here that Dad ate a full meal with no side effects.