Day 45 – Tuesday, 21 May 2013 – Melbourne to Mildura

We landed in Melbourne on time and the sun was shining. We tried the new electronic check in through Customs but it only worked for Russ. He was able to make his way to the baggage carousel while I had to back track to the ‘Assistance Required’ aisle (along with a lot of other people whose electronic ticket was swallowed by the machine when they tried it too) and go through with human intervention.

It was fairly quick and painless and I then made my way to the carousel to find Russ. There was a public announcement that there was a delay to the removal of baggage from the airplane on our flight so we had to wait an extra ten minutes or so before the luggage belt began to turn and spit out baggage.

I had ticked that I had medicine to declare on my pass whereas Russ chose not to tick this box.  Anyway, we went through the line and were waved straight through to the exit without any dramas.

As the flight from Melbourne to Mildura is the earliest one we could catch it is a matter of propping ourselves in the gateway lounge and waiting for the last flight of our journey.

We grabbed a sandwich and cuppa along the way and some fresh water. I have been completing the Diary and Russ has wandered about listening to his audio book. We rang his Mum and let her know we had landed safely. And I texted the girls to let them know we would see them after Uni today.

It is almost time to catch our flight so I will close out by saying we have had a wonderful adventure with many highlights, lots of good memories and will definitely be glad to finally get home.

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