Day 46 – Sunday, 4th June, 2006

When we boarded the plane I put my watch onto Singapore time – 1:30am Sunday morning. We were due to land at Changi Airport at 3:00 pm that afternoon.

The crew of Singapore Airlines are lovely. We would all fly with them again. You are greeted as you arrive, and as the plane taxis out to the runway, the crew provides you with a hot towel. It is magnificent!

Shortly after take off they come around with the head sets, sock and toothbrush sets, and the menus for the flight, and you already have on your seat the little pillow and the flight blanket.

The meals are terrific, and the quality of them also needs to be mentioned. Then you settle yourself down (it’s about 2:30 – 3:00 in the morning, Singapore time, by this time) and go to sleep. If you get up during the night the crew is on hand to offer you either water or fruit juice.

When the lights are again turned on you get another hot towel. Man, it’s good! And then they bring around your breakfast. It is immaterial that the actual time in Singapore is about 11:00 am. You have an opportunity to put your shoes back on and to tidy yourself before the actual landing.