Day 54 – Monday, 26 April 2021

This is a very quiet caravan park at the moment. I think that in summer the place would be a lot noisier as there are several permanent vans packed away for the winter. 

When we set up yesterday, we put the awning up but had to take it down about three hours later due to the very strong gusts of wind that swept across the park. We are now back up to 350 metres above sea level and Quamby Corner sits in a bit of a bowl surrounded by hills. It is very different country in that it is much dryer than other places we have seen. The name Golden Valley really suits it at this time of year. 

This morning the sun was shining when we woke up and there was a gentle breeze. It is supposed to reach 15 degrees later on and should have been three degrees this morning, however, I don’t think it got down that low. 

The magpies are warbling away in the trees and it is such a pretty sound and one that I have really missed. There seems to be much more bird life in this neck of the wood than we have come across so far. 

Russ took the opportunity this morning to fix a pipe he was unhappy with, and I took the opportunity of doing a load of washing. You never know when the weather will change and it becomes a bit of a chore to get it all dried and put away. It was dry by the time we got back from Deloraine. 

By lunch time the temperature had reached a lovely 20 degrees. Russ is wearing t shirts and has only put on his jacket when we have been out in the open on previous days. 

There is no dump point in the park which is a bit of a disadvantage so we have located the nearest one in Deloraine. We went to the Information Centre and picked up some leaflet so we could plan our next few days and see as much of the area as possible while we are here. 

I did a wander around town while Russ intended to stay in the car and work on his computer with a better connection. It wasn’t meant to be. He did not take the invertor with him and his battery unplugged didn’t last very long. 

I visited a gift shop called the Grumpy Dragon. It was a terrific shop with quirky items that you won’t find anywhere else. I told the lady that if she got garden dragons in to let me know because the only ones there at the moment are the ones for inside ornamentation. I did but some body butter called ‘Unicorn Fart’ (I kid you not) and it smells divine and the butter leaves your skin very soft. 

During my wander along the street, I passed another shop that had 12 ply hand knitted jumpers and jackets (with zip) and all the items were fully lined. They were absolutely beautiful and priced at $165 and all I could think of was that would faint from the heat if I wore one. 

There are lots more bird life in this area than anywhere else we have been so far. 

Tomorrow Russ has a telephone consult with the doctor in New Norfolk so he can get another script. He will ask her to fax or email the script through to the pharmacy in Deloraine so we can pick it up in the afternoon. If it is a nice day, we will take the opportunity of doing the Deloraine Riverbank Walk and Wild Wood Nature Trail with an opportunity of seeing another platypus. Here’s hoping.