Day 55 – Sunday, 16 June 2024 – Mt Isa

We woke up about 9:00am and had our showers etc then went up the street. Russ wanted some things from the Pharmacy, and then the plan was to go to Woolworths and Coles – neither of whom were open!!!

We ended up finding a very small Foodworks Store that was in a dubious location, but I could get some water and milk. They didn’t have anything else on my list, so fingers crossed we have enough of things to get us to Katherine. Life might be interesting for goodies, but food is taken care of.

After that we re-fuelled the car and went back to the van.

When we arrived there were birds flying around, and horses across the fence in the paddock, and other birds that Russ reckons are a Babbler – three of them.

On my way back to the van with the camera the neighbour next door stopped me to ask about my hair. She was very impressed with the colour scheme and, as she also has hair almost my colour silver, thought she might have a go at getting her hairdresser to try it. While this conversation was going on she was standing under the awning ironing!!!

Once back inside I arranged Russell’s computer on the table and turned on the footy. What a thriller. Collingwood amazes me with its determination to never give up. North Melbourne played heroically but couldn’t hang on in the end. However, there are definite signs of good things to come from the group of young players there. I then finished going through the photos which are now ready to put up on the website, which Russ will do when we get to Camooweal tomorrow.