Day 57 – Thursday, 29 April 2021

Had a lazy morning before getting into gear and doing the housekeeping for the caravan. The floors have been swept, the ensuite cleaned and floor washed, and have prepared a chicken casserole for tea and put it into the slow cooker. 

Coolish morning and was overcast, but the sun did come out to shine for quite a while before the darker clouds appeared and the breeze turned a bit chill. 

Russ did not get a repeat for his Nurofen Plus because the script had been faxed across so this morning he has made an appointment to see Dr Zoe at New Norfolk when we are much closer to Hobart once again. 

I have downloaded all the photos and made them available for Russ to upload later today and then we can print out the diary ready to post. 

Tomorrow it will depend on the weather if we do our walking at Liffey Falls or go for a ride around the lakes district.