Day 58 – Saturday, 20 November 2021

This morning was a tad chilly but promised sunshine at least, even though the chilly breeze continued throughout the day. Kit finally maxed at 20 degrees. 

Russ updated the blog and photos on the website, and we printed out the diary to send to mum and Trish. 

I paid for our next ten days here at Avoca before we travel on to Benalla for a couple of days to see mum, and then we will take our time getting back to Mildura, as long as I am there for my little operation on 8 December. 

Whilst speaking with Tony when paying our site fees, we discovered we are the same age. Even more interesting is that he was born on 17 June so I am two days older than he is. 

After lunch Russ and I went back to the Percydale Historic Area to check the wildflowers and orchids. We found several patches of orchids which are yet to open, so will go back in a few days’ time after the warmer weather. 

We also found a totally new flower, which is a beautiful sparkly yellow, and it turns out to be St John’s Wort. I never imagined the flower would be this pretty. 

We also did a slow drive around Avoca and got some shots of houses and gardens, and the spectacular building that is the Avoca Primary School. It has turrets and towers, nooks and crannies, and could have been used as part of the set for Hogwarts in Harry Potter.