Day 59 – Sunday, 21 November 2021

A lovely day’s outing into a different part of the Pyrenees State Forest. It finally climbed to 19 degrees with a chill breeze that had occasionally heavier gusts. 

The wind picked up in the early hours of the morning, which Russ managed to sleep through. We have had gusts up to 41 kph, so the van has had a minor rocking effect. 

We headed out along the Pyrenees Highway through Ampitheatre and Elmhurst, before turning onto the Elmhurst/Landsborough Road and then turning again onto the Glenlofty/Warrenmang Road to the State Forest.  

We travelled the Main Break Track, which actually ends up nowhere with a divided track ahead. The Main Break is an unsealed road but in very good condition, and it was a pleasant drive. Once we got to the split tracks, we took the Mountain Hut Track back to the Pyrenees Highway. 

We found a flower that is new to us – the Running Postman. It is a big red pea shape found very low to the ground but looks terrific. 

We stopped at several places along the journey and climbed to 585 metres above sea level where we stopped for our lunch. We did a search around the area the area but could only see many native violas in the clearer spaces, but much of the area was covered in bracken. 

As we climbed further along the Main Break Track up to 751 metres above sea level, we stopped once again, and we passed by a group on dirt motorbikes. I got a fairly good shot of them as they waved on their way past our position. 

Further along the Main Break Track we came across a profusion of whiter daisies and bluebells. I cannot remember seeing anything quite like it at that height before. 

The Mountain Hut Track was a short, steep track that went a long way down quickly, but Hornet and Russ did a great job. Russ even managed to spot a donkey orchid on a slightly flatter section of track, so we were able to pull up for the required photo, which was taken through the opened window. 

All in all, a very pleasant Sunday drive through the bush with lots of fresh air. 

We have had an influx of caravans into the Caravan Park over the weekend. Apparently, there is a Petong Tournament being run here in Avoca. The people playing in the matches have been practising around the caravan park area, and those who do not play have been relaxing in groups around their caravans. 

Petong is a French game from Provence, very similar to the Italian Bocce, only Petong is played with metal spheres instead of  bakelite like balls used in the Bocce game. 

They all have a wonderful time around the kitchen area of a night, although I think some alcohol is consumed during the course of the day, which probably accounts for the fact that the women sound like a gaggle of galahs from the distance.