Day 6 Thursday, 18 October 2018

Apparently, I snored a lot last night. It seems only fair as I was awake all day while the others napped.

Mum rang just after the alarm went off and is feeling a lot better. She has asked that we not go for a long drive but would love to go about the area today.

After breakfast I was about to make the rolls when I discovered that I had not taken them out of the freezer, so we are buying something to eat at lunch time.

We picked mum up from the motel and headed up to Harrietville for a look see around. Russ pulled over on several occasions so that we could take some photos. Then we detoured to Wondilagong where many years ago mum and dad stopped at Nightingales to buy freshly picked apples.

The place was still there but has been modernised completely. There is now a shop by the roadside where all sorts of apple products are sold, and a big cool room to the side for fresh apples.

We were $!00 poorer by the time we left. We have purchased apple cider, honeycomb, dark chocolate hazelnuts, Portello cordial, raspberry and apple pies, apples pies, local honey, apple and quince jellies, and roasted almonds.

Mum had a box all for her own stuff. She bought two lots of apples, ginger cordial, honey and a few other items. While they finished up paying I went outside and took some more photos of the area.

There was a man taking down the wire fence who explained that they had to erect them during winter or else the deers came down and ate from the trees. He was interested in hearing about the almond farms up Robinvale way as one of the workers had been up to the blossom festival.

Russ took a different way back and lots more photos were taken. We then headed back to Bright and mum said she was fine and could we go to Myrtleford and see her mum and dad’s grave once more.

We ended up grabbing a bite to eat at the Myrtlefrd Bakery, which was doing a roaring lunch time trade with lots of locals. Russ had a potato pie and an apple turnover with fresh cream, mum ate a beef and mushroom pie and said it was doing okay in her tummy. As both the chicken pie and quiche were sold out I settled on a cheese and bacon roll, which was delicious.

We then went to the Pioneer’s Cemetery and visited at her parents’ grave. Pop Elmer died twenty years before Grandma Elmer, who was struck and killed by a drunk driver shortly before Christmas. They shared a grave.

By then it was time to head back to Bright with a short stop at the Op Shop for mum and me. I bought two pairs of ear rings ($4.00 altogether), but mum didn’t need to open her purse. They did have some lovely things displayed.

We then dropped mum off at the motel and arranged to pick her up tomorrow morning and convey her back to Benalla. Mum has suggested we grab some Chinese take away from Kim Wah’s when we get to Benalla and neither Russ nor I was complaining about the plan.

Russ downloaded all the photos while he had a cup of tea and is now in the land of Nod.

We will not be going out again today, and will be having steak with fried rice for tea.