Day 61 – Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Today we will concentrate on housekeeping as we have a teleconsultation appointment with our financial advisor later in the afternoon. Lisa has been our consultant for quite a few years. She grew up in Benalla but now lives and works in Melbourne. 

Our teleconsultation with Lisa went for almost two hours, but a lot was discussed along the way. 

Lisa’s maiden name was Chang and her mum’s maiden name was Webster. We discovered during the course of our afternoon conversation that her mum’s memorial plaque is further along the fence line of the Benalla Cemetery just up from where dad was laid to rest. 

Financial advisor groups must now have a documented review consultation with each client every calendar year. This is part of the reforms brought in after the AMP/Bank fiascos where they were ripping money from their customers but providing no service in return. 

Russ took the opportunity in the morning to set himself up under the awning in his chair with my camera and the telephoto lens to capture the entertainment of the birds who live around the caravan park. 

He took 550 photos, and some of them are great shots. Photographing birds can most times be a hit or miss prospect. He took a fabulous shot of one of the willy wagtails attacking one of the resident magpies.  

There appears to be two families of willy wagtails on the property, and we have counted up to a dozen magpies of varying ages. They sit on the lawn outside our van and warble for us. I can listen to them for ages. 

I still have to sweep the floor but that can be done later. The weather today is providing sunshine with a stiff breeze, but the temperature reached 21 degrees.