Day 62 – Wednesday, 24 November 2021

We took off for Maryborough this morning and picked up some grocery items from Woolworths, and then Coles, who did not have any of the lighted fruited cake on their shelves, so we had to accept another as its replacement.  

Russ does enjoy his fruit cake. Russ chose an apple turnover as his treat for the week, but he was very unhappy with the quality and taste and ended up leaving half of it in the bin. I chose some salted caramel and white chocolate cookies, and they were yummy. 

I needed to find a replacement for my funnel, used to decant honey, as the last one disintegrated as it was washed. I found a set in the Treasure Shop and had a wonderful browse whilst I was at it. I even found a most unusual set of Christmas earrings at a reasonable price, so I purchased them as well. Russ sat out on the bench and read his book while I was galivanting. 

I got a new workout bra from K-Mart to replace the one that was worn out. I need the cross-back type so that I don’t have a strap continually falling down my shoulder. I broke the collarbone of my left shoulder when fell off the back verandah when I was about two years old. 

We then ventured back to the unopened orchids off the Pipeline Track, but they still had not flowered. We had lunch here before we ventured onwards. 

We continued on towards the Clunes State Forest and went back down Fells Gully Track, meandered all over the park, and Russ spotted a flower I have never seen before. It looks somewhat like a pea, or could be a hovea, and has petals in both pink and white. Some investigation will be required when I do the photos later. 

The orchids here are also still unopened, but it is interesting that they have changed colour from a grey green to a purple colour, so fingers crossed we can see at least one of the specimens open before we finally move on. 

Today is very hot and humid. The temperature peaked at 27 degrees which was over the forecasted one of 25 degrees. Rain and thunderstorms have been mooted for later this evening. 

Brett sent a photo of his evening meal. He put the beef he had in the slow cooker and left it with some spices all day. He said it smelt so good he was tempted to go and invite the neighbours to come and smell it. He also cooked his potatoes and carrots in the slow cooker, but then finished them off in the deep fryer. The meal looked very tasty. 

He also sent me a photo of the Princess Lilies now that they have opened. They are a beautiful flower, but unfortunately, have a very short life span once opened.