Day 64 – Friday, 26 November 2021

The night got a bit chilly after the rain fell, and the wind gusts were fierce. 

We decided that as the weather would be blustery all day, we would go across country to Halls Gap (for an ice-cream – they are seriously delicious) and on to the Boroka Lookout as something different. 

Many of the wildflowers are still in bloom up the mountain and we were blessed at the Lookout to find four bird orchids, and lots of bugleworts. (I love these little beauties.) We found them in a ditch on a flat stretch of the mountain road, and there were very big patches of them in the water. 

We enjoyed our ice-creams before we headed back to Avoca. Russ had a combination mango and macadamia in a waffle cone, and I had passionfruit and boysenberry twist in mine. 

For the first time in a couple of weeks I have had to use my asthma puffer today. 

As we were leaving Halls Gap we passed an area where they have made a walking track out of the township. In the paddock we saw lots of emus and kangaroos just lying around or browsing. At many of the caravan parks they just mingle amongst the people with complete disregard. I thought of Noah and how delighted he would be if he could see them all. 

After we had finished tea Tony and Margaret came by to check out what used to be the Manager’s Bungalow but is now a rental. Margaret has some terrific ideas for sprucing the park and all its rentals up, but everything takes time and it is a bit lower on their priority list. This rental unit is just across from us and has had no occupancy since we arrived.  

It is more spacious than you would think looking at it from outside, but it is in need of some TLC to make it look more modern. It has a set of bunk beds in one room, a single bed in another, and a double bed in the third room with a large lounge area and a smaller kitchen/dining area, and a small bathroom, toilet area. There is also a lovely patio area out the front that does require some cleaning. 

Russ assisted Tony in the removal of the horrendous couch that was on the patio, and the three bar stools, all of which probably hosted some spiders and other creepy crawlies, and they were all filthy from having been outside for such a long time. 

Margaret also showed me a couple of the other rental units and we talked about how she would be making some improvements in them. She did not have the keys to her favourite one, which is not very old at all, and well set out inside. 

I was able to identify the very large rosemary bush just outside the kitchen door area, and she commented that potatoes with rosemary were in the future for them.