Day 64 – Wednesday, 27 July 2022 

Well, this is an interesting caravan park. Over the back fence from us is the Kununurra Hotel and it is lit up like Guy Fawkes Night so last night there was so much light around us that we ended up closing the shades. It made it a bit stuffy, but it does get cooler so not to worry. 

Russ had trouble sleeping because of the compressor at the hotel which cut in and out all night. Tonight, we have decided to close the windows and put the air conditioner onto fan to see if that will stop the noise from interfering with a good night’s sleep. 

On top of that, the water was turned off at 9:05am and I had washing in the machine. I ended up going over to the office just before lunch time to ask what was happening. Vikki assured me that the water had been turned on again about 10:30am so we should not be having any problems. The office ladies were less than impressed with the Water Corporation as they had not given any notice about the interruption of water supply. Their washing machines cost thousands and are prone to problems if interfered with during the cycle. 

Needless to say, my washing machine will not pump out the water and therefore it can’t finish the cycle. I had to wring all the clothes out by hand and use the dipper to get all the water out of the machine, before using an old towel to remove the last of it. I am not a happy camper now. I am also not permitted to put up my portable clothesline either, so I am glad that the park clotheslines are just across from us. 

Russ spent some considerable time, and a lot of swearing and frustration, trying different things but nothing was working. He even read the manual, Mum! Finally, we unplugged it from the power source and will wait until tomorrow to try again. 

We did manage to get the water flowing once again. It seems like we had a bit of an air bubble in the hose connection. 

I have even logged onto Facebook and asked the members of the Brilliant Caravan Group id any of them have experienced this problem and asked for suggestions. Unfortunately, we had already tried the suggestions that were made so we are back at first base. 

I finished re-writing all the lost parts of the diary yesterday. I also caught up on the photos. Russ then uploaded everything to the website, sent off the email with the latest edition, and we printed out two copies for mum and Trish. 

After we put away the printer we headed into town, which is not very far away, posted the letters, visited the Visitor Information Centre (a slight improvement on Darwin, but still a glorified booking agency) and finished the trip at Coles where we bought fresh fruit and veges. They had no multigrain bread so I couldn’t top up on that. Russ also couldn’t get his Royal Gala apples so has bought a couple of Bravo apples to try. 

The temperature reached a high of 33 degrees and it is expected to get down to 16 overnight. The sun sets very early here at 5:15pm. It is weird. 

I have an appointment for my haircut next Wednesday at the oh-so-early time of 8:00am and it is only going to cost my $70. Russ has an even oh-so-earlier appointment for Thursday at 7:45am and his will cost $40. 

After tea we decided to chill out so opened Kayo on the computer and watched Collingwood versus Essendon game. It really was a ripper. I think they went to sleep in the second quarter.