Day 65 – Saturday, 27 November 2021

It is a very blustery morning once again although the wind did die down during the night. The sun is shining brightly, and it is possible that we will reach the top temperature forecast of 21 degrees today. 

Last night we had a minor (we hope) catastrophe. I was sitting going through the photos we took yesterday, and Russ was watching a video, when there was an almighty thump and the sound of rushing water. 

I initially thought the outside hose had blown off the connection (something that happens now and again depending on variable water pressure) but that wasn’t it. 

We think that the seal around the connection from the hot water system to the rest of the van has developed a split, and we have had to disconnect the cold-water flow to the van completely, including the water tanks, and turn off the hot water system outside. 

Russ tried for quite a while to see if he could reach the problem area after he thought he had determined the problem, but it is in a very tight spot and there is no way to get into it. We will have to cut out the shelf which is on top of the hot water tank to be able to access the point. 

So, for our last few days we will be roughing it a bit and will be using the caravan park laundry and shower facilities. We can still use the toilet in the van and will have water in the bucket for flushing purposes. 

It will make for a very interesting time, and nothing can be done until we get back home in Mildura. Fingers crossed Russ can fix it and we don’t need the services of a plumber. 

For a change the park is very quiet this weekend. There has been a small influx of people, but they are out and about at the moment. 

Tomorrow is the last Sunday of the month, and the market will be held down at the oval. I think we may just venture there for a look see. 

Whilst putting all the old cloths and towels into the washing machine in the laundry I had another chat with Margaret. She says the more things they look into the more changes need to be made. At the moment the sheet on the beds in the cabins have to be taken off and washed as soon as the occupant has left as they are then needed to be put back on the beds for the next occupant. She closes the door to the linen closet and cringes at the work still required in that area alone, along with the need to buy more linens. 

Will print the diary out and send it to Trish as we will be seeing mum before the mail could get to her.