Day 87 – Friday, 19 August 2022

We had a good night’s sleep, and the trains did not bother us at all. Russ did mention that the traffic noise in the early hours of the morning woke him up, so he was only able to doze after that. On the other hand, I didn’t hear a thing all night (it was the butcherbird’s fault).

Today was a day to catch up on odd jobs. So, Russ repacked the back of the vehicle because there is a rattle happening and we cannot identify the culprit. Fingers crossed it has been solved.

I changed sheets, washed everything like sheets, towels etc, and then cleaned the shower and bathroom area, washed the floors and reorganised the items beside the bed.

Russ uploaded the photos to the website, and I hunkered down and made sure the diary entries were typed up into the computer ready for upload tomorrow. Russ also did some calculations regrading fuel places on our upcoming legs and where the best prices will be. I checked over the latest news on wildflowers sightings.

We then went off to Woolworths and picked up a few items and got some lovely bread. After that I had a couple of hours to read before we went to the Trattoria beside the caravan park entrance. On the website they had paella.

I should have known by now that it wouldn’t be available as they are also operating on a shortened menu and the paella got the flick.

Instead, I had fish and chips, which were quite nice, and Russ had pizza which he thoroughly enjoyed.

It may be that I will need to make some paella for the both of us further down the track.

Tomorrow we will go to the Information Centre and decide what we want to see for the day. Port Hedland is a very spread-out place.