Day 93 – Friday, 4 June 2021

We have only five more days to go before we arrive back in Victoria. I must admit that neither of us are looking forward to coming back during a Covid crisis, but thems the breaks. 

What a magnificent day we have had. The sun shone all day although the temperature did not rise above 14 degrees. We headed out after breakfast and showers and travelled along the other side of Bridport on the B82 road before turning off onto the C832 road. 

We travelled through lots of trees and they were interspersed with irrigation paddocks, cattle, sheep and lots of farmland. The number of houses during this period of travel were few and far between. Tasmania is an amazing place when you leave the main roads. There is just so much space. Most of this track was on 4WD gravel so Russ enjoyed it immensely, however there are only so many photos of trees and fields you can take before it becomes very repetitious. 

When we reached the little mining town of Pioneer we took a break and had some lunch before moving on headed up the furthest section of the B82 towards Gladstone which is a small timber town. 

However, once we got onto the C844 heading towards Cape Portland the magic of the day began. We saw and photographed white bellied sea eagles, wedge-tailed eagles (one of which sat at the top of a tree about 15 metres from us in the car), numerous Cape Barren geese, a falcon, and blessed of all, a wombat about five metres from us in the car. We were so chuffed with our unexpected good fortune that we practically flew ourselves back to the park. 

We took a slight detour on the way back to investigate Tomahawk on the shores of Ringarooma Bay and found it to be somewhat depressing. There is a caravan park, a long way from the township of houses, with a large number of annuals and permanents. The houses in the township (of which we could not find anything other than a General Store at the caravan park) were all perched atop what appeared to be dunes but there was no way to get to the ocean at all. The toilet block was locked and only opened on weekends and public holidays, 

We got back to the van in time to watch the tide coming into our little beach area and Russ had his afternoon SCAN. 

Tomorrow the weather is expected to be somewhat unpleasant so we will have a catch up day in the van.