Day 94 – Saturday, 5 June 2021

Happy birthday, Noah. 

The weather here today is very unpleasant. It is grey, overcast and very windy with rain expected. It is not weather conducive to washing. 

We will need to print out the diary today as we did not get it done on Thursday. Sorry about that ladies. 

Mary and Colin Munro have been following our adventure and Mary messaged me to say she enjoyed the lost phone episode. She went on to tell me about her episode of trying to open the wrong white Toyota with Colin standing a few cars away shaking his head. 

We have had a late breakfast and will upload the new pics and blog shortly after printing them. We also have to print out our permission permits to come back to Victoria so we have them available with our tickets to get onto the ferry on Tuesday evening. 

Last night I sent some of our photographs with the eagle, falcon, wombat, Cape Barren geese and a bumblebee from the previous day’s photos to Stef via email. Noah was so excited to be going to see the wombat. 

Stef has also asked if she could have a copy of one of the bumblebee shots to print and frame for her lounge room wall. I told her she could have her pick of the photos when we get back to Victoria and am happily humbled by her request. 

The caravan has had a thorough cleaning – shower, en-suite, floors and mats. We are lucky to be on a lawn area so sand and rocks (little pebbles) have been kept to a minimum. 

We have been recommended to try a meal at The Bunker (part of the local RSL Club) while we are in Bridport so hope to be going out tonight. 

Melbourne really upset the Brisbane Lions last night and has had a remarkable effect on the Mallee CMA Footy Tipping contest of which we are members. Russ is doing very well, but slipped from second to third overnight. Stef is up with the leaders and Jeannie and I are middle of the field.