Day 95 – Sunday, 6 June 2021

Noah’s birthday is actually today but my phone has sent out a reminder for the wrong day. We understand he had a great birthday, and his cake was an awesome Minecraft one. 

We slept in this morning again. It rained heavily in the earlier hours of the evening and ther tide was coming into shore with a roar. 

The rain slowed down around 10:00pm but we could hear easily, over the fan,  the surf crashing on the beach. 

This morning it was overcast but clear and the sun came out around lunchtime. Russ and I walked to The Bunker along another section of the Foreshore Esplanade. We were late printing out the diary this week but did it before the walk, and then posted the letters when we strolled past the Post Office. 

We had seafood chowder with toasted sourdough bread and it was very tasty. Russ preferred this one to the other we had at the Pondering Frog. It didn’t have quite as much capsicum in it and a lot more chunks of tasty fish as well as seafood. 

The dessert I had was very ordinary – slow cooked meringue with banana, lemon curd and passionfruit compote, plus ice-cream. It was way too many different tastes with one thing overpowering the other as you ate it. I should have put it to the side and left it, but I hate wasting food, especially dessert, and especially if I have had to pay for it. 

Russ had the sticky fig pudding with cream and ice-cream and enjoyed it. 

We walked back to the van (a total distance of the round trip 3 kilometres). It started to rain heavily shortly after we had changed out the cassette and dumped it and the garbage and recyclables.