Day 96 – Monday, 7 June 2021

Today our dear little great grandson, Xavier, turns one year old. Covid has put a bit of a crimp in the plans for his birthday. 

Russ and I are now slowing down and getting out of the adventure mode and back into everyday mode. 

I knew I should not have finished the dessert yesterday. I paid heavily for it and was sitting up burping last night until after 2:30am before I could lie down and go to sleep. 

It was after 10:00am when I finally woke up. We had a lazy morning listening to the wind howling among the trees while the waves crashed on the shore. 

We had lunch then headed to Scottsdale to fuel the vehicle at the BP Service Station. We have found that we get a better milage from BP fuel in the Navara. 

When we got back, I grabbed a litre of milk from the IGA store in town and then we emptied the cassette ND Russ left me and the two loads of wet washing at the laundry, and returned to pick me up an hour later. 

The wind is still howling, and the surf is still crashing onto the shore. It is a bit colder tonight than it was last night.