Day 96 – Sunday, 28 August 2022

Chores to be done today. Washed the sheets, filled the water tanks in the van, shopped for bread, water and milk at Woolworths, and put prescriptions into the chemist to be filled.

And time spent finishing off the photos and typing the diary into the computer.

The caravan park is amazingly empty today. Whole rows are without caravans. I am sure it will not be too long before the new arrivals start to appear. We have had the water cut off for half an hour today. They have a public address system that notifies you of what is about to happen which is pretty cool, and they let you know when the water was back on again.

Russ took me out to tea at Sails Restaurant. We both had Seafood Chowder which was full of fish and other edibles. It was a shame that the garlic bread was mediocre, but at least I got to have what I wanted, and it hadn’t disappeared from the menu.

We would have stayed to enjoy a dessert except that no one was interested in asking us if we wanted anything else. They hadn’t cleared our table so once we had finished our drinks of coke and lemon squash, which was our designated cut off time to order desserts, we headed up to the counter and paid for what we had eaten