Day 97 – Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Today is the worst travelling day we have experienced for our entire stay in Tasmania. The rain has set in and the clouds are very low. 

We left Bridport with the waves crashing heavily onto the shore at 9:50am, and we arrived at Narawntapu National Park at 12:10pm to be informed that the power was out because a car had crashed into a power pole on the highway. 

We passed four Bennett’s Wallabies on our slow meander into the Park. There are very rigid speed bumps along the entrance road and you could do a great deal of damage to vehicle or van if you were heavy footed. 

It was 12 degrees when we left Bridport, and it got down as low as nine degrees during our travel, and it is now back to ten degrees in the Park and feeling very cool. 

We have detached all the cables from the car, put down the stabilisers, and will leave the van hitched to the car while we are here. It will save a lot of time and trouble when we are ready to head off to Devonport. 

We walked across to the Visitor Centre to pay our $16 site fee in the rain, all rugged up in our heavy duty rain gear, but the office was closed due to the power outage. We will go across again tomorrow as we don’t have to leave until the middle of the afternoon. 

I have filled out electronically all the Patient information required at the specialist so we should be good to go. I received an email in reply saying it had arrived. 

We are parked with another caravan, a camper trailer and a motorhome. The lady in the caravan was the person who told Russ about the power outage.