Day 98 – Wednesday, 9 June 2021

It stopped raining in the middle of the night, and we awoke to a sunny day with strong south-east winds blowing. Maybe it will help us on our way across the pond tonight, lol. 

We have now paid for our overnight stay, and we had a talk with Judith (the lady in the Park’s office) how much we have enjoyed our time in Tasmania. 

We have spoken to the Bennett’s Wallabies, paddymelons, native hens, grey fantails and a myriad supply of blue wrens who have made themselves at home around the van. 

I put out a special mix of bird seed for the wrens and one of them hopped onto my shoe to get to a crumb. Very blessed. And, when walking back from the office we had an immature sea eagle hovering in the wind above our heads. It is a magical place for nature lovers. 

The caravan has been cleaned and we are almost ready to hook up the last of the cables and be on our way. It is sad to be leaving but we are both now very towy until we get aboard the Spirit of Tasmania. Boarding on the ferry starts at 4:30pm and we are about 45 minutes away from Devonport. The ferry leaves tonight at 7:30pm, and we have to go back to wearing masks. 

Our backpacks have been loaded with the items we need on board overnight, and we will double check before we head out the door and lock up.